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Individual Mediation
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Spiritual Organization Mediation

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There is no one right way to mediate. Our desire is to help you find a way to change the quality of the interaction you’re having. We specialize in compassionate communication skills – which will help you find greater peace and joy in your life. Ours is a purpose-driven practice. Peace is our only goal. All the chaos and violence we see “out there” mirrors our inner chaos and violence. Our inner belief is that we are separate from each other. The truth is, we’re interconnected in infinite ways. The quality of our lives depends on our ability to cultivate inner peace within these connections. The deepest conflict transformation we seek is within and with ourselves. We want to renew and restore our connection with each other, with that Universal thread that runs through us all.

Read on for more details on how we mediate, or click the video above for a short (less than 1 minute) introduction to our mediation areas!

In your veins, and in mine,
There is only one blood,
The same life that animates us all!
Since one unique mother earth begat us,
Where did we learn to divide ourselves?

– Kabir

Why We Focus on Conflict TRANSFORMATION rather than Conflict Resolution

When we focus on transforming the conflict, the resolution tends to take care of itself. This is why our model is called “Conflict Dissolving.” We help you dissolve the conflict so that the resolution seems effortless. Situations always seem to “resolve” themselves when our consciousness and perception about the situation changes.

We take a broad view approach to mediation. We see the big picture versus just a singular path toward a resolution. This reduces the chances of “getting stuck” and offers opportunities to transform future conflicts whether or not this one gets resolved. Sometimes, in traditional mediation, a settlement actually stops the healing process. With transformative mediation, seeds are planted for personal growth to emerge.

The neatest thing about transformative mediation is that the outcome you achieve is usually better and more perfect than anything you could have possibly imagined going into the mediation.

Why We Focus on Gaining Clarity

Clarity gives you a sense of direction. A sense of direction motivates you to take action. Without clarity, we flounder or are frozen. Either we jump from one thing to another, or we are frozen in place, unable to move forward. Clarity helps you see your best options, based on what you have and where you are at this moment in time.

Why Willingness is Essential

Willingness is what leads us on the journey. Are you willing to take the journey? Sometimes, all it takes is a little willingness to change your entire world. And it’s okay to struggle with being willing. All that is required is the tiniest willingness. A woman I know once was struggling with this concept and she said, “I am NOT willing. I’m not even willing to BE willing. But, I AM Willing to Be Willing to Be Willing.”

All battles are both interior and exterior.
They force us to confront our flaws and deformities
– Chris Hedges, war correspondent

Speed-Shifting Your Conflicts

Believe it or not, if you’re willing, any conflict can be dissolved in 10 minutes or less!

Every conflict that is going on SEEMS to be about one thing… but there’s always an underlying conversation going on that’s actually about something completely different. Our highly-skilled staff has a finely-honed ability to ferret out the true underlying issues to get right to the point, saving you time, money and energy!

For a sample of Paula Langguth Ryan,

founder of Compassionate Mediators,

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Specializing in conflict dissolution for Corporations, Individuals
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